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The application window is closed.

Application Deadline: September 8, 2018


The Interim Board will have authority over the legal organizations of Shambhala for a period of one year from the dated seated. This is a part-time, volunteer position.

The mandate of the Interim Board will be to maintain the financial and legal health of Shambhala USA, Shambhala Canada, and indirectly Shambhala Europe and their subsidiaries around the world. The Interim Board also will oversee the finances, legal issues, and employees of the Shambhala organization. Members of the board will delegate parts of their responsibility to employees and volunteers, or may act directly in selected circumstances.

The responsibilities and duties of the Interim Board for Shambhala USA and Shambhala Canada are defined below. As with Shambhala Europe, the legal purpose of Shambhala USA and Canada includes being a global community devoted to establishing and furthering the vision, wisdom, and skillful means of the lineage of the Sakyongs of Shambhala.
The Interim Board will hold  the responsibilities of the governing board for Shambhala for one year. However, it will not be empowered to make any changes to the legal structure of Shambhala during that time.   


Members of the Interim Board will:

  • Hold the fiduciary and legal responsibilities for Shambhala USA and Shambhala Canada, previously held by the Kalapa Council, for one year.
  • Be legally required to act in good faith in furthering the stated purpose of the Shambhala organization.
  • Be ultimately responsible for all global services and activities of Shambhala, with an emphasis on finance and budget approval.
  • Relate with those currently holding executive and management functions for Shambhala, for example, those in finance, practice and education, leadership, culture and decorum, and social engagement. Representatives in these areas will advise the Board with regard to sangha-wide activities of Shambhala.
  • Make or delegate decisions about hiring, compensation, and termination of employees of Shambhala USA and Shambhala Canada.
  • The Interim Board will support the work of the Process Team.
  • Be a part-time volunteer. The expected time commitment is a few hours each week.


We are seeking those who have significant experience with nonprofit organizational work and/or financial management.

  • Expertise in one or more of the following categories is required:
  • Corporate governance
  • Board membership (profit or non-profit)
  • Non-profit management
  • Finance at an executive level
  • History of good financial and legal decisions
  • Knowledge of financial statements, budgets, real estate, human resources, law
  • History of successful collaborative accomplishments. 

Personal qualities sought include the following:

  • Ability and willingness to listen
  • Open-minded without bias or fixed agenda
  • Ability to collaborate with others (team player)


Successful applicants for the Interim Board (and Process Team) will have congruence with the Shambhala teachings and vision of enlightened society and have commitment to at least one of the following:

  • Vision of a good human society on this earth
  • Vision of Shambhala
  • Shambhala teachings and community
  • Sakyong principle
  • Lineage of Sakyongs
  • Dorje Dradul
  • Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche

Those appointed as a member of the Interim Board will foster:

  • Shambhala as an international and diverse community
  • Integrity of the teachings of the Shambhala lineage
  • Financial transparency
  • Fiscal discipline and responsibility
  • Accountable leadership
  • Broad community involvement and communication
  • Interdependency between the center and fringe of the mandala
  • Transparency, inclusivity, equity, and diversity in leadership and policies and procedures