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The Shambhala Transition Task Force have been asked to:

  1. Select and Appoint an Interim Board to serve for 1 year.  The Interim Board will assume all legal and fiduciary responsibilities previously held by the Kalapa Council for Shambhala USA and Shambhala Canada. Shambhala Europe has a different legal structure, and it is currently in transition from the previous governance structure. 
  2. Select and Appoint a Process Team. Working in tandem with the Interim Board, the Process Team will work with the community to facilitate community-wide healing and develop an appropriate and healthy governance structure for Shambhala world-wide.

The selection process will include input and recommendations received from the community.

What We Are Not

  • We are not a board.  
  • We are not a replacement group for the Kalapa Council.
  • We are not a leadership group.
  • We are not responsible for governance.
  • We are not responsible for developing a new governance structure.

What We Will Do

The Task Force has a time limited appointment. During this time, we will:

  • Develop methods for receiving and evaluating community-wide input and recommendations for Interim Board and Process Team members.
  • Meet at least once a week as a group.
  • Join in sub-committee meetings and work throughout the week.
  • Provide a forum or forums for communication and input.
  • Send weekly updates to the community and post our weekly meeting minutes.
  • Appoint members of a one-year Interim Board.
  • Appoint Process Team members.