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Transition Task Force (TTF) Meeting #5 Official Minutes

September 21

Please note - we make edited notes of our conversations public in the interest of transparency. These notes reflect the conversations and concerns of the TTF, but are not our final positions or decisions. All decisions taken by the task force will be published in our letters to the community.

Aug 15, 2018, 9-11a Pacific Time by Zoom

Present (on Zoom): Charlene Leung, Katrin Stelzel, Sharon Owyang, Andrew Sacamano, Suzann Duquette, Basia Solarz (Facilitator)

Absent: Arawana Hayashi (on retreat)


  • Putting “International” in Our Name/Mission
  • Can we meet our deadline
  • Process overall
  • Process team

##Action Items:

  • Some members of TTF to reach out to advisors
  • Subteam of TTF to start drafting second letter


Putting “International” in Our Name/Mission

  • Does it matter that our name does not include words indicating “worldwide” or “international”?
    • Some sense that without a potent statement at the very beginning, Europeans and others might think this is business as usual, “Shambhala International” which mostly focuses on US and Canada.
    • Maybe more important to “walk the walk” than change the name. We’re not going to be able to include people from every country. But we want representation.
    • Also, the members of the task force are not international - we’re predominantly North American.
    • Because our mandate is only for US / Canada legal entities, but the implications of our choice is actually worldwide, we need something bold.
  • Resolved to use “Dear Worldwide Sangha” as a way to state our intention up front, and also use “Transition Task Force of Shambhala” to avoid the potential negative associations with “Shambhala International”. And also really keep translations up to date.

Discussion on whether to extend deadline beyond Sept 10.

  • Seems difficult to meet the original deadline.
  • So far the applications are open ended - should we give ourselves a target and a backup target?
  • Rather than just guessing, let’s emphasize using a good process, and not promise a specific date.

Process question

  • How to actually manage the interviews - what is a quorum?
  • Look at rubric for evaluating candidate - don’t think everyone will be available all the time.
  • Maybe postpone this until the next call, since it’s a big issue.

Process Team - healing vs governance structure

  • We talked about PT creating process for longterm governance structure; now it seems that is second to healing in our presentation?
  • Clarify some of the wording between the definition of the PT and the responsibilities of the PT.
  • Add qualifications around “governance structure”, governance models, paradigms.

Going through draft of the letter

  • People who have offered to be advisors are going to be included on a list that is handed over to the IB / PT.
  • And Advisors should apply themselves - we don’t want nominations for advisors without the advisor’s interest.
  • How to highlight that the qualifications in this letter are not final and we’re open to feedback - maybe bold “preliminary”.

Receiving nominations:

  • Basic process:
    1. Acknowledge receipts
    2. Create grid; then ask them to submit CVs. Follow up with people who have been nominated, ask them to fill out survey if they haven’t already
    3. We look at CV and decide whether viable candidate; then ask for references
  • Need a standard rubric for evaluating candidates

Photos for website (of TTF)

  • Difficult to get everyone in one meeting, so maybe just use individual headshots/photos – can get from SDB or other sources?