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Transition Task Force (TTF) Meeting #7 Official Minutes

September 21

Please note - we make edited notes of our conversations public in the interest of transparency. These notes reflect the conversations and concerns of the TTF, but are not our final positions or decisions. All decisions taken by the task force will be published in our letters to the community.

Aug 24, 2018, 9-11a Pacific Time by Zoom

Present - Charlene Leung, Andrew Sacamano, Suzann Duquette, Basia Solarz (Facilitator)

Absent: Katrin Stelze (prior commitment), Sharon Owang (family commitments)

Action items:

  • Get some advice about whether / how the TTF can invite applications without compromising our integrity.


Timeline / process:

  • We need to get CVs / resumes / statements of experience from people, especially those who have been nominated
  • Emphasize this in the letter - send CVs
  • Zoom meetings - with IB applicants and people who are considering applying.
    • More than one to accommodate people’s schedules
  • Two weeks (from the date of the letter, from Monday) seems pretty reasonable for a deadline to submit the form and come up with a CV
  • Hopefully everyone in Shambhala has heard about this by now.

Process team

  • Maybe chose a few people from the process team to help organize the process team, so that it’s not just a large group of people people from around the world thrown into a group and told to self-organize
  • Need more time to understand how we want to form the process team

Application process

  • How to collect the info we need to make initial decisions?
  • If we decide to move forward with a candidate, then check references?
  • Then do interviews?
  • When in the process do we start working with the specific rubric?

Joint editing of the next letter.