People have asked the following questions of the Transition Task Force via email, our Zoom calls, or on the Transition Task Force website. We are responding to the best of our ability and knowledge. We are checking for answers to the questions for which we do not know the answers. At the same time, there are no answers for some questions; they will need to be answered in time.

This F.A.Q. is an evolving document. We have answered questions to best of our knowledge and tried to be clear, but we expect updates will happen.

Questions and Answers

Q: Will the Wickwire Holm Report be made available to sangha?
A: Wickwire Holm will present their report to the Interim Board. The Transition Task Force will encourage the Interim Board to publish whatever can legally be published publicly for the Shambhala community.

Q: What is the link for questions about the meaning of “Lineage of Sakyongs”:

Q: Could the Sakyong’s position be reduced, amended or eliminated?
A: Possibly by the final governing body and new bylaws, but not by the Interim Board.

Q: Would it be possible for other related traditions to assume meaningful administrative and teaching responsibilities in conjunction with or independently of the Sakyong and his teaching curriculum?
A: Possibly, if implemented by the final governing body and new bylaws, but not by the Interim Board.

Q: I understand that you (Transition Task Force) have no legal and / or financial responsibilities. But please, do admit that you are a leadership body! That you have a profound leadership role at this time. Power can be used to hurt, and also to be of benefit. Please fully own your power, and leadership role, so that it may be of benefit.
A: Yes, in our 3rd letter we acknowledged “that by choosing the Interim Board and the Process Team we have a role in shaping what happens, and we are earnestly trying to listen to the wisdom of the community, and invite applications from a broad range of people.” Yes, this is leadership, and we feel the weight of it.

Q: What does the Transition Task Force discern about An Olive Branch, Wickwire Holm, and Project Sunshine?
A: We hope that any completed reports will be shared with the community to the extent that it is legally possible. Clearly, full transparency will not be possible legally in order to protect the confidentiality of those who reported.

Q: Are An Olive Branch and Wickwire Holm talking with Buddhist Project Sunshine?
A: We do not know.

Q: What does it mean “to support the process team”?
A: The understanding is that the Process Team will be initiating and implementing processes, working fairly independently. The Interim Board holds oversight function - to respond, give feedback, work with, and even decide about proposals from the Process Team, if needed. At this point there is no financial responsibility defined.

Q: How is the process team’s work to be assessed, modified, and implemented? Will an organizational model be offered to the next board for consideration?
A: Depending on the approach and timing of their work, the Process Team would offer a proposed model or models to the Interim Board for approval. The Process Team and Interim Board together might come up with a good model for future board composition and a proposed selection process.