In general, we want to not invade your privacy when you vist our website. The ways we collect data on the website are:

  1. We collect your email when you subscribe to our email.
  2. We collect the information you give us when you send us feedback.
  3. We collect anonymous data about how many people are visiting our website and what pages they are visiting.
  4. We serve our content using Firebase, which collects its own data about visitors to the site.

In short, we only collect data that is specifically given to us by visitors to the site, or that is anonmymized.

Subscribing to email

You can sign up for our mailing list by providing your email address. We use SendGrid to manage that list.

Sending us feedback

You can send us feedback, which is processed using Formspree. The feedback form is sent to Formspree, who turn it into an email and email it to our shared email address,

Website analytics

Anonymous data about how many visitors we have and what they pages they visit. We use Matomo which seems to be a privacy-friendly way to get a sense of what users are doing on our website.


Firebase Hosting serves our web traffic for us, and they probably collect some data about who visits sites they serve.

Other bits

  • We use cookies to track how people are moving through our site, see Website Analytics above.
  • Beyond using the infrastructure services described above, we do not share you data with any third parties.
  • We will only use your data for the work for the TTF in chosing a new IB and PT, and to contact you if you subscribe, send us feedback, or apply for a post.
  • We will try to delete any data you share with us when the work of the TTF ends, although some of that data may persist in our personal email accounts and on our laptops. We will always maintain the confidentiality of anything you share with us unless you give us premission to share it more widely.

Other information

All data sent to the TTF is distirbuted to the team members, who are in Germany and the United States. For legal purposes, you can reach us at

Transition Task Force of Shambhala Shambhala USA 1345 Spruce St Boulder, Colorado 80303