People have asked the following questions of the Transition Task Force via email, our Zoom calls, or on the Transition Task Force website. We are responding to the best of our ability and knowledge. We are checking for answers to the questions for which we do not know the answers. At the same time, there are no answers for some questions; they will need to be answered in time.

This F.A.Q. is an evolving document. We have answered questions to best of our knowledge and tried to be clear, but we expect updates will happen.

Questions and Answers

Q: What exactly is the work of the Process Team? A: The Process Team’s job is to consult with the entire Shambhala community and propose how Shambhala can restructure itself and its leadership. The Transition Task Force currently envisions the scope and work of the PT to include, but not be limited to, three primary areas: 1) community healing and learning; 2) culture change; and 3) new governance structures and organizational development.

Q: Do you have to have expertise in all of the above areas of qualifications? A: No. However, it would be good to have expertise or experience in at least one of these areas.

Q: What is the role of the Sakyong after one year with regard to the PT? A: It is unknown what the Sakyong will do after one year.

Q: Will the Task Force provide any structure to the PT, or will they figure it out on their own? A: The Task Force has recommended that the PT work with a three-fold approach to organizational development for Shambhala: community healing and learning, culture change, and new governance structures. The TTF will pass on recommendations we have received in order to spark the beginning of the team’s work together. As the PT continues its work, it may find other areas that need to be addressed, and the PT is fully empowered to adjust and adapt its work accordingly, and/or to invite others into the process as needed.

Q: How long will the Process Team’s work take? A: Several organizational experts say the work will take longer than one year.

Q: It seems like a long process for the PT to do its work. What will happen meanwhile with community healing and trust if the IB is only focusing on finance, legal matters, etc.? A: The listening, healing and learning process is already underway in many places and environments. The PT will build on this and foster communication with the community and also with the IB. The IB and PT are encouraged to work in tandem.